Apps for Windows phone


Our big community is growing and does it fast. The community started with all the needed apps for Android and Apple, app you need, app you have, but unfortunately there was a group of users still not able to become a RockAppRoller until now, Windows users.

Yes, now RockAppRoll also has apps for those who have Windows phone and want to be part of this cool community!

As we all know, Android and Apple has lots, infinite apps, but Windows don´t fall short, many interesting apps are available for its users and here some examples of them:

Cam effects, the camera for Windows phone which lets users add effects to their photos an share them on social networks. It also has frames, ready to make your pictures the coolest!

All device need to have a GPS or at least a map, but that is not a problem for Windows because can also enjoy Google Maps online.

To spend some nice time, there are games or apps to break out of the routine, like Sudoku-King, its own name says what it is for.

And of course, Windows also has apps for little ones to make them enjoy and have fun with your phone such as educational apps like My Addition, a game for kids that helps them learn maths in a very easy and funny way.

These are just some examples of what you can have in your Windows phone, but there are many more, discover them in RockAppRoll. Don´t be late and turn your mobile into a super mobile.







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