Apps to become a great chef (or at least try)

aplicaciones para cocinar

Whereas some people just cook to survive, others cook out of pure passion. Whether if cooking is a nightmare for you or if you have taken up cooking thanks to TV shows that challenge amateur cooks, you can be sure that there are some apps that can make your life easier.

Some of the most useful apps are those that include recipes. A very popular one is Yummly, a community where you can browse within lots of recipes from many different cuisines.

Another interesting app is Epicurious, from award-winning food site includes over 28,000 delicious, professionally tested and created recipes from renowned magazines.

You can also specialize on the cuisine from different parts of the world. Mexican food? Italian? Chinese food maybe? Try new things and let your stomach travel worldwide!

And what if you have just began living on your own and you are not very used to cooking for yourself? Do not worry, because with the help of apps such as Allrecipes Dinner Spinner you can find a way out. With this app you can make easy menus and you will be dying for inviting your friends over to have dinner.

The kitchen can also be a space for kids to develop their creativity. If you do not mind cleaning up twice as much afterwards, download Cooking recipes for kids, where they will find a step by step guide to cook a fried egg and all the way through to dessert. Recipes are safe for them to experience.

But among this kind of apps you will find more than just recipes. You can also find very useful tools that will help you as a chef. For example, with ShoppingList you can write down and edit your own shopping list with all the ingredients you need to prepare your favourite dishes. And you will never run out of anything!

Lastly, Kitchen Timer is an app to control the cooking time of food to prevent it from burning. You can go and watch TV while the chicken is being done, and it will not go busted.

As you can see, apps go hand in hand with the kitchen. Have a look at our recommendations and cook something with them!



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