Apps to get your beach body going


Spring has arrived strongly and summer is not far behind us, so it´s time to get the bull by the horns and start the challenge to get your “beach bod going! get rid of the spare tire you got during winter under your big coat and show off your good looks at the beach.

You might be thinking “Yeah, right, easy to say it not to do it”, well, that´s not totally true, actually you are so lucky to have your device with you because it can become the motivation you have been looking for until now. Do you want to know why? the answer is easy: because of your APPS.

Not to intrigue you more, we have selected some very useful apps to get fit as soon as possible:

Adidas go takes part of your running ritual and has the power to boost your run with motivating music from your favorite Spotify music, it is a nice way to familiarize with running and, who knows, maybe you end up loving it!

If you already are a professional runner, but feel you are missing something, maybe 100 push-ups is the perfect app to complete your daily exercise. And if it is not enough for you don´t miss Body building exercises info app for iPhone and iPad, which explains with pictures and instructions all kind of exercises perfect to practice at home.

And of course, besides doing sports it´s important to eat healthy to have good results, that is why we have chosen Happie to guide you with your eating habits to make a perfect “beach bod” plan.



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