Apps to listen to music

Music inspires moments, creates memories and calms beasts. They are zillions of music styles and also many different ways to listen to it, but today we are going to focus on the ways to listen music through our devices.


We all know Spotify, and most of us have an account. It is one of the most popular apps for music, and it is one of the most customizable apps there are.

Create your own playlists, save your own songs for each special moment, get customized playlists… And you can listen anywhere you go using the app.



Napster is also an app specialized in music that offers 20 million songs with very special features, such as customized playlists, creating your own lists, etc. You can try it 30 days for free, and without ads!



Deezer is also an app that can take you to another world via music. There are no ads, you can listen to remixes, your lists and recommendations, and the sound quality has improved. The app creates “Deezerlists” based on what you like, and there are many more things that you can find out yourself, don’t you think?


These and many more apps are great to spend your days as you wish. Just choose the app that fits you best. Go to RockAppRoll and find yours. There may be more than one!

We cannot live without music, can we?