Apps to record creative videos

Grabar vídeos

Recording videos with your smartphone is no longer any news. All modern mobile phones, tablets and computers have an integrated video camera and the quality is increasingly better. But today we will not show you standard apps to record videos, but a series of apps to make exclusive recordings. Fancy becoming the most creative? Have a look at these apps:

@Video Plus

Who has never dreamt of travelling through time? This app includes effects to record images that look like a comic, or with the ambient of the 20s, or on black and white… Video Plus is boundless, and it can take you anywhere.


If what you like are special effects, collage, adjusting colour, etc., VivaVideo is what you need. Do you fancy a light saber? Add it to the video!

Gif Cámara

With this app you can record your own GIF, those short videos that we like so much and represent our daily lives. Stop searching for published GIFs on the internet and make your own with Gif cámara. You will leave everybody stunned.

Video Cámara Espía Pro

There are times when you wished you had recorded a situation or conversation, but where are cameras when you need them? On RockAppRoll you can download Video Cámara Espía Pro to download videos secretly. You can record images with the front or rear camera while using another app or leaving the screen locked. However you do it, nobody will notice.

Funny camera effects

Not everything has to be professional. You can also use your camera to make funny videos a spend a good time with your friends. This is what you can do with this app, which includes a wide range of effects that will make you burst out laughing.


Download the app that best meets your needs, or better still… Download them all!



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