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Apps of board games

Do you remember the first board game you ever had? Sure you do! Board games are some of the most popular and ancient activities that exist, and they have something special: they never go out of date.

Whether you have a great time with your family playing them, or because they came in handy to start knowing someone for the first time, or simple because they are fun to play, nobody can hold back to playing once in a while when the opportunity comes up.

As we already said, board games never go out of date, but they adapt to the new trends. Therefore, we bring you here some classical board games in a modernised version, i.e. in the form of apps!


First of all, we have Ludo. It is a popular game that people never get tired of. It is suitable for all ages and occasions.

With this app you can play whenever and wherever you like. Just pick your lucky colour. Which is yours? Go for it and roll the dice!



The oldest game ever invented, or at least it seems so. It is not only a game, but a sport. Chess is so popular that it has its own championships and is very respected.

Playing chess is good for mind and soul. It boosts your senses and helps you concentrate. It is important to play it to improve day after day and keep your mind active. For this, what best than taking it with you everywhere! The board might be a bit too big to carry around, so you can carry it in your device to enjoy it anywhere you like.



Let’s not forget Domino’s black and white, a board game to build both spirals, paths and even artwork with its parts.

This game is addictive, and it will never be forsaken. But since we are not always on the best place to set up the parts and play it, carry it in your pocket to play anywhere and with anyone.

juego Dominó

Noughts and crosses

Finally, another of the oldest and most popular board games there are: noughts and crosses.

Match four in line of the same colour and smash your opponent. You will never get tired of it and you can play the game anywhere.

noughts and crosses.

With this four board games in your device you are ready to leave home ensured that you will not get bored at any time. You can warm up with these games or download more from the web.

Go to the homepage, find your favourite games and enjoy!



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