Get back to routine with your devices


The end of holidays, the return to work, adapting to routines… It is hard for most. After some weeks isolated from reality, relaxing and enjoying your days without worries, it is time to shape up for work. Some of us struggle a bit when starting over, but we can try many adaptation strategies, like using our devices so that the new beginning is not so hard.

Motivating pictures on the screen

Fill your devices with pictures of your holidays, using that shot you took when you went to beach with all your family as a background. Your laptop can feature that image of your dog swimming in the pool, and your tablet can remind you of that dinner you spent with all your friends. Remembering nice past moments helps us get motivation to revisit them. When you feel too pressed, look at those pictures and dive into them. You will find your moment of peace that will give you renewed strengths to keep on working.

Manage your tasks

The best thing you can do to organise yourself is use an app to manage your tasks. And, you guessed it, your device can bring you one. The more organised your work is, the less confusing will be returning to your workplace. It is important to keep your tasks organised so that you can go straight to the point. For this, have a look at apps on RockAppRoll for tasks management and choose the tools that adapt best to your working strategy.

Listen to motivational music

Use your devices to listen to music that motivates you to move on. Listen to it on your way to work; it could be some rhythmic beats to start the day with energy. Or you can also listen to it while you work, if your tasks do not require total focus.

As you can see, with the help of your device you can turn a hard moment into a more easy-going thing. These are just a few examples, but feel free to tell us about any other form you can think of so that your devices make it easier for you to get back to normal after spending some incredible holidays.



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