How can your phone help you when you travel?

Descargar Aplicaciones de viajes. móvil, mapa

Since smartphones stepped into our lives, the way we travel has changed completely. We have hundreds of applications that make our lives easier and have helped us get rid of tedious activities that used to make us waste precious time during our holidays.

Examples of this would be buying guides, using mimics to ask for indications to a person who does not speak your language, or wandering around until you find a tourist information office. These problems are over in the 21st century. Now, you have all the information that you need at hand’s reach.

Do you want to know how good is that restaurant, or if it is worth staying in that cheap hotel? You do not need to ask a stranger on the street anymore: go to TripAdvisor and check against the opinions of people from all around the world.

When you see what other users comment, you may choose to find another place for dinner with the help of services like Yelp or Foursquare. On a map, the apps show all the restaurants that you can find around you.

And do not worry if, when reading through the menu, you have no clue about what “Poisson avec du poivre et sel” means. You can always use Word Lens to take a picture of the word and get the translation in a matter of seconds.

And what about museums and audio guides? Not only are they normally expensive to rent, but it is also a lot more comfortable downloading the app on your mobile phone where you will find out about the secrets of Prado Museum in Madrid or Louvre Museum in Paris.

For those who want to sunbathe and swim in the sea, there are apps like iPlaya to find information about the features and condition of the beach recommended at the hotel’s reception. Is it clean? Is there deckchair rental service? Is it a nudist beach? What is the sea like? The answer is in your hands.

Whatever kind of tourist you are, you can find an app to help you out, make you save time and clear your way to make the most of your trips and days off.



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