Join the Pokémon GO fever

It is a fact that Pokémon has invaded the real world. The new app launched by Nintendo is Pokémon GO, and it is spreading worldwide like a zombi epidemic. Those who do not have the app will soon be a minority. The new augmented reality game has been slowly released on the different countries, and it is entering Europe little by little. But it has had such a strong impact that, on those countries where the game is not available yet, people have managed to download pirate versions before its official launch.

Taking an imaginary world to the real world is now possible. Pokémon are among us, on the streets, inside churches, in out homes, on shopping malls… We are surrounded. We can all be Ash Ketchum in our daily life together with Pikachu and his friends. Pokémon Go


The aim is to catch these small monsters with our Poké Ball. They can be anywhere and you have to find them. To make things easier, remember that Pokémon live on their natural habitats. Since there are different kinds of Pokémon, like water, fire, rock, plant, and others, they will be more easily found in their comfort zones.

If you walk past a fountain, you will be more likely to find a Squirtle than a Pidgeot, because the former is a water Pokémon and the latter can fly. Remember to activate your GPS, and you have to reach level 5 to fight in Pokémon gyms. These gyms are actual places in the real world, such as churches, town halls and even police stations. Pokémon Go

Worldwide phenomenon

Have you ever wondered what we did before mobile phones existed? Soon more than one will say: “What was life like before Pokémon Go?”, and it is hardly a week old. Its success is unbeatable internationally. It has encouraged more than one to get out of home, it has changed habits, and has even made people socialize more. This is official. We are not alone, because Pokémon… are already here Download the official app.



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