Do you know Waze?

Raise your hands if you don´t need GPS to arrive to an specific place you haven´t been before, anyone? well, to use it while driving or even walking is essential, at least today. The road has no limits for us thanks to navigation apps, now, there is no excuse for not going to a place.

And as we love advising you on cool apps, couldn´t miss tell you about Waze, which is one of the most popular app based on navigation. What sets Waze apart from other apps is its role of social app in terms of GPS, that is to say, is a social – based traffic and navigation app.

You can join drivers in your area when your Waze is open, share information about the road situation, report accidents, police traps and other hazards you see on the road, find the lowest gas prices around you and comment your travel with the others!

So, if you don´t have it yet, it´s time to have it, but do remember this doesn´t mean that other navigation apps are not valid, is just a different way to reach your destiny.

Click here to download Waze




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