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DuolingoLeave home, see the world, travel, meet people… These are some of the dreams and passions that many share. But it is not always easy to fulfil them, namely because you need time and money and sometimes you have to wait for longer than you would like. What is more, there is another burden that can make this hobby a difficult challenge: languages.

We can resort to the universal language of using gestures, but this is not always enough. Although we might understand each other, albeit with a lot of struggle, we will always feel more comfortable if we can speak the language we need for the occasion. If we can communicate easily, we will express ourselves the way we are, and it will be easier to find people you like, don’t you think?

In short. The teaching methods of yesteryear made it harder to learn: you had to join a language school, pay for individual lessons, and spend a lot of time and money to achieve something. Luckily, today it is way easier thanks to technology, and in particular devices and apps (we love apps!). One of the most well-known apps for learning languages is Duolingo. If you have not heard of it yet, pay attention.

Amigos sentados, hablar

What is Duolingo?

Although this app is available on both Android and Apple, in 2013 it was awarded as the best app to learn and practise languages by Apple. There are different languages available and different levels. The app tests your level in the first place and then starts a course from thereon. There are several practical exercises you have to finish to improve your level. As you progress, the level increases and you earn points.

The game is motivational and addictive in addition to being efficient. The app of the green owl has satisfied countless of users. You can learn and practise, take tests and go for a new language if you feel like it. And you are carrying it in your device, so it will join you everywhere you go, even when you travel.

Broaden your horizons: learn French, German, Spanish… Any language. Go go for it now. It is never too late. Duolingo builds bridges between languages, what else do you need to know?



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