Join the Pokémon GO fever

It is a fact that Pokémon has invaded the real world. The new app launched by Nintendo is Pokémon GO, and it is spreading worldwide like a zombi epidemic. Those who do not have the app will soon be a minority. The new augmented reality game has been slowly released on the different countries, and it is entering […]

Apps to listen to music

Music inspires moments, creates memories and calms beasts. They are zillions of music styles and also many different ways to listen to it, but today we are going to focus on the ways to listen music through our devices. Spotify We all know Spotify, and most of us have an account. It is one of the most […]

Board games apps

Do you remember the first board game you ever had? Sure you do! Board games are some of the most popular and ancient activities that exist, and they have something special: they never go out of date. Whether you have a great time with your family playing them, or because they came in handy to […]