Apps for Windows phone

Our big community is growing and does it fast. The community started with all the needed apps for Android and Apple, app you need, app you have, but unfortunately there was a group of users still not able to become a RockAppRoller until now, Windows users. Yes, now RockAppRoll also has apps for those who have Windows phone and want […]

Sell and buy with Wallapop

Imagine it´s Sunday, you wake up early and the day is so sunny and beautiful. It´s time to decide what to do, several plans pop into your head which include going to the street market in your neighborhood, actually you need to buy some things to decorate your room and, why not, it is a perfect […]

Swarm with friends

After knowing Foursquare our life changed, now people call us asking for cool places to discover or directly want to come with us. But what they don´t know is that we are not alone, we also have Swarm to enjoy our plans with our friends who are nearby. Last time we used Foursquare (it was this week, […]