The Angry Birds games

Angry Birds

One of the most popular and addictive games there are is Angry Birds. Some naughty pigs made the birds of this game very angry, and their anger has reached thousands of devices. Their fans have tried to win the battle for years.

This game, conceived by Roivo Entertaiment in 2009, has a long record of successes, both on devices and merchandising, and it now even has a movie. Everything started with Angry Birds Classic, but throughout time more videogames have come up where these small warriors battle against their worst enemies, and they are not faring badly.

They can defeat the pigs whether they are in Rio de Janeiro, or even out in space. These are the different Angry Birds games available:

Angry Birds Classic: 

This is the origin of Angry Birds. It is the original, the first one. This is how the saga began, and nobody could imagine the world that would come afterwards. These birds made us fall in love from the beginning and their world started to expand.

Angry Birds Seasons:

This is the game to celebrate the events and special features of each of the four seasons. Defeat the pigs during the spring, fight against them on the snow, enjoy the sunny summer or beat’em up in autumn.

Angry Birds Friends:

Challenge your friends and the world over with a new battle against your worst enemies, the pigs, with new tournaments each week. Angry Birds

Angry Birds Star Wars:

This version of Angry Birds already has two parts, and there is nothing better than fighting the enemies of the galaxy! If you want to fight against the evil army of imperial pigs, download the game. Go here for Angry Birds Star Wars and here for Angry Birds Star Wars II.

Angry Birds Space:

Our friends fight with the pigs in outer space. They have to defeat them from planet to planet throughout the Solar System…

Angry Birds Rio: 

On this version, based on the movie Angry Birds Rio, the birds will go through a great adventure on the incredible landscapes of Brazil. But this is not just it. The Angry Birds family has been growing in size and there are other characters that have their own game, like Stella. 

Stella Angry Birds

She is pink and hard to beat. Keep her house safe from the worst pigs you have ever seen, and count on her friends. By the way, the pigs also have their own game, Bad Piggies, where they try to keep standing until the end. And there is more still: Angry Birds has become a world where you can dive deep. They already left the small screen to feature on the cinema, T-shirts, teddy bears and any object that can remind you of these small warriors.

We will focus on these games for now, which is enough Angry Birds already.



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