The best antivirus programs for Android devices

Ojo, iris Android, Antivirus Android, protección dispositivoOur devices are part of our self, and in some cases they even become an extension of our bodies, so to speak, and we use them 24/7. Whether it is for work, for fun, for social interaction, for entertainment, for self-fulfilling… Device is king.

This is all very nice except for the fact that this constant flow leaves the door open to viruses without our noticing: when we open a file, download a game or an app… We are never safe enough against these threats.

Therefore, it is crucial installing an antivirus to protect your mobile phone or tablet. With this in mind, we bring you 5 applications that will result very useful to avoid any virus breaking into your smartphone:

  1. Avast Mobile Security is an app to protect your device against viruses, and it even works as an anti-theft system. This free app can locate your phone in case of loss, and it can also block or delete the memory remotely. It also has useful tools like information about data usage, apps management and even a firewall.
  2. Eset Mobile Security protects your Android smartphone or tablet from viruses while you browse the internet or play. There are both a free and a paid version.
  3. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android includes the latest security technology. Among its services you can find an anti-theft and an antivirus. It is an essential tool for smartphone and tablets. There is an essential pack for free and you can install upgrades with more security options.
  4. Avira Free Android Security is another of the most popular antivirus. Anti-theft, antivirus, data protection, black list for unwanted contacts, a battery saving mode… These are some of its many options.
  5. With these free antivirus for Android you will save a lot of battery while your mobile or tablet are protected. It has a double engine and it includes protection in real time, checking threats on the apps you download, and much more.

Now you can sleep tight knowing that your device will be unbeatable with these antiviruses for Android.



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