Twyp, the app to pay via mobile

Descargar twyp

The days of defaulters are over. The same goes for late payers, those who never have change or simply forget. You are a Twyp away-or a click away-from getting over it.

With this application you can pay or receive money to and from your friends using only your mobile phone. It works within Europe.

As you guessed, the app is on RockAppRoll and you can download it directly and tell your friends, because in case you forgot, RockAppRoll is the first social network for apps!

If you are not very sure yet, here you have some reasons why downloading Twyp is a great idea:

  • It is free
  • You can pay anyone in your contact list using the mobile phone
  • You can send and receive money
  • You can chat with your friends
  • You can send money to your bank account

Is it not crystal clear now? Well, there may be some late payers that are hating this app right now: ‘Just think of how well I managed to let time go by until they finally forgot about it!’

Now, seriously, this is an app you should have downloaded time ago. If you do not have it yet, click here.



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